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Two brands one idea NFT , Playbook51 and Playground51 are two dynamic platforms fueling the growth and innovation of NFT startups in the digital landscape. While they operate distinctly, they synergistically shape the future of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and offer unparalleled support to budding creators and entrepreneurs.

Playbook51, an accelerator program, serves as a catalyst for NFT startups, providing them with the essential guidance and resources to thrive. With a carefully curated curriculum, experienced mentors, and a robust network of industry professionals, Playbook51 empowers entrepreneurs to navigate the complex world of NFTs successfully. By fostering collaboration, facilitating connections, and offering strategic advice, Playbook51 acts as a launchpad for these startups, helping them turn their visions into reality.

What we've done

1. Branding

2. UI/UX

3. Web design and development

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On the other hand, Playground51 is an NFT collection that pushes the boundaries of creativity and imagination. It serves as an interactive digital realm where artists, collectors, and enthusiasts converge to experience the magic of NFTs. Playground51 showcases a diverse range of captivating digital artworks, each imbued with its own unique story and significance. By leveraging blockchain technology, Playground51 ensures the authenticity and scarcity of these digital assets, elevating the value and desirability of the collection.

Both Playbook51 and Playground51 are dedicated to promoting inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability within the NFT ecosystem. They embrace emerging talent, encourage experimentation, and foster a community-driven approach. By combining the power of Playbook51's accelerator program with the captivating allure of Playground51's NFT collection, these platforms revolutionize the way we perceive and engage with digital art and entrepreneurship.

Join Playbook51 and Playground51 on their journey to redefine the NFT landscape and witness the boundless possibilities that await both creators and collectors alike. Together, we shape the future of NFT startups and celebrate the transformative potential of this revolutionary technology.

Rejected proposal which is later used for Playbook51 ~ just modified.

Level asked as to help

— Take their product look to the next level

— Fix UX issues in mobile and web application

— Match their bold vision to the look and experience of the product

— Provide a visual framework that will help the product team iterate faster

Winning proposal

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