Novotel EURO 2024 TV Ad

June 27, 2024

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Client: Novotel

Objective: Increase awareness during the 2024 EURO Championship

Campaign Overview

Our agency was tasked with creating a memorable TV commercial for Novotel that would impress football fans during the highly anticipated 2024 Euro Championship. The goal was to highlight the reliability of Novotel’s internet data service.

Creative Concept

The commercial features an energetic and tech-savvy grandma who outpaces everyone around her with Novotel’s high-speed internet. Set during a live Euro 2024 match, the ad showcases her seamlessly streaming the game on her phone, cheering passionately for her team.



The commercial opens with our grandma yelling at her mobile phone watching a football game. As the tension in the match builds, her excitement becomes infectious, and we soon hear the famous yell “GOAL”. The climax shows her jubilantly celebrating a goal, emphasizing the tagline, "With Novotel and our data internet, watch the EURO 2024 carelessly "

Visual and Audio Elements

The ad combines dynamic camera work, close-ups of the grandma’s reactions, and crowd shots to build excitement. Authentic football match sounds enhance the viewing experience, making it feel as if viewers are right there in the action.

Technical Excellence

High-quality production values ensured that every detail, from the grandma’s expressions to the captivating fan atmosphere, was captured perfectly.


The TV commercial was a resounding success. Key performance indicators included:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: Social media buzz and online discussions about the commercial significantly boosted Novotel’s brand visibility.
  • Subscription Growth: There was a notable uptick in new subscriptions to Novotel’s services, particularly among demographics that were previously unreached.

Positive Public Reception

The ad was well received for its humor, genuity, and unique angle of featuring an older protagonist, making it stand out in a crowded advertising space.

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